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3 weeks old

Yesterday Samuel turned 3 weeks old. Let me take you through the day of a 3 week old: sleep, eat, change diaper, repeat. Rachel and I are getting quite good at changing diapers. Samuel is generally pretty good about sleeping … Continue reading

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Birth Story

As we approach Samuel’s 3 week birthday (I think the traditional gift is diaper cream), Rachel and I realized we never officially shared our ‘birth story’ with everyone. Since it is somewhat entertaining, we thought we would share it with … Continue reading

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Samuel was very excited to watch the Buckeyes today. Despite a close win on the field, Samuel still managed to practice a few Buckeye cheers with Mom. After the game, Greg and Liz accompanied us on Samuel’s first ‘fun’ outing … Continue reading

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Samuel’s friends

I’ve added a link to more pictures called ‘Samuel’s friends.’ We’ll keep adding to it as Samuel gets to meet and get his picture taken with more of you.

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Bath time!

Samuel took a bath tonight and he had a grand ol’ time. Rachel and I were expecting him to not really like the wet washcloths on him, nor the shampoo rinse. To our surprise, he was quite amused by the … Continue reading

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Professional Eater

Wow, this kid sure can eat. He’s been eating about every hour since 11. I think he’s in training for the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest next 4th of July. Go get it kid!  

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Going home

The three of us were discharged from the hospital on Thursday around 5:00 pm. It’s both exciting to go home and petrifying to think there isn’t a nurse down the hall in case you think he’s choking, or not eating, … Continue reading

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Thank you for sleeping

Since Samuel was born so early in the morning on Wednesday, Mom and Dad were a bit lacking in the sleep department. Being the wonderful child that he is (no bias here), Samuel gave us 1.5 to 2.5 hour intervals … Continue reading

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