19 months old!

Leah is 19 months old today! It’s been so fun to see her personality continue to develop this month. She is definitely a fearless explorer! She loves to climb, run, and be adventurous. She loves to shake her head “no” – even when she means yes! 🙂 She loves to giggle and be tickled, she loves to color with crayons/pens/markers/chalk, she loves her baby doll and Elmo & Abby dolls, and she absolutely loves to play outside!

Leah is constantly “talking” and it seems like she is saying more and more words that we can understand. She makes lots of “b” sounds and “says” a lot of “b” words. She is getting more interested in watching me when I write her name on paper. She loves being read to (especially before naptime and bedtime) and she is always “reading” books to herself – which is super cute to watch and hear her do… She is also getting more interested in counting numbers, in talking about shapes, and in doing puzzles.

Leah and Samuel are really starting to interact and play well together. It’s so fun and exciting to watch them play together and to watch their relationship grow. They definitely love each other!

Leah goes to bed sometime around 8:30pm every night and usually wakes up between 7:00-7:30am. She also takes an afternoon nap which can last anywhere from 1 hour 20 minutes to 2 1/2 hours! The big news this month is that Leah is no longer nursing… She weaned herself a couple of weeks ago – which is bittersweet for Mommy!

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