2 1/2 year update

IMG_9785Leah is 2 1/2 years old today! How is that possible? It’s crazy how much she has changed in just six short months… The biggest area of growth has been her language development. Leah talks up a storm nowadays and is easier and easier to understand all the time. Her favorite / most common phrases include: “I’m ok.” – “I’m probably all done.” – “I’m thinking about it.” – “Let’s do that!” – “Why?” She loves to narrate what her baby dolls are doing, which is pretty hilarious because it usually includes some details that parallel her day (ie: rough naptime, being sick, going to Trader Joe’s, etc.). She also loves to “read” books to herself and us. She will either try to recite the story from memory or she just makes up a new story of her own, which is both creative and pretty funny. 🙂 Her favorite indoor activity right now is definitely playing with her baby dolls. She usually has one baby strapped to her with her baby carrier, one baby that she is pushing in the stroller, and the rest asleep in their cradle. Outdoors, she loves to go for walks and blow bubbles.

Leah has also been really interested in puzzles lately. She loves to dump them out and put them together. The funny part is that she doesn’t want to do the “age appropriate” puzzles meant for her – she wants to do the 48 piece puzzles that Samuel got for his 4th birthday. She’s actually pretty good at them (with some help)! Leah is also more interested in ABCs and Counting now, so she is making progress there as well. She can count up to 20 by herself (she usually skips 14 & 15) and she can count up to 30 with prompting. She also definitely knows 16 of the 26 Alphabet letters out of order/context: A, B, D, E, H, K, L, M, O, P, R, S, W, X, Y, Z. The other letters are hit and miss for now! 🙂

Leahs’ personality keeps developing and getting stronger and stronger. She is definitely Miss Independent on most things. She would prefer to undress/dress herself, pick out her own clothes, sit in a big chair for eating (instead of her booster seat), open her own food items, get into her carseat herself, zip her own coat, etc. At the same time, she is also Miss Snuggly. She loves nothing more than to suck on her “baba” (pacifier), while she is snuggled into me and rubbing my face with her hands. It’s very sweet. 🙂 She still uses her pacifier for nap and nighttime, but that’s it! We are working on weaning from it… She is still taking one afternoon nap – for now – which I am grateful for!

Leah’s big news is that she is potty trained! Sometime in February, she began to be very interested in using the toilet. She kept asking and trying and being successful, so we went with it! I wasn’t quite ready, but she was! In March, right when we were headed to Hilton Head for vacation, she started wearing underwear full time. And I feel like I can say she is basically potty trained now. Knock on wood, it was pretty easy… She was very interested and self-motivated, so it’s gone smoothly overall. It’s crazy to think she is out of diapers (except when she’s sleeping)!

It’s exciting to think about how much she is going to change in the next six months… We can’t wait to watch her grow and change!

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