Projects, Puzzles, and Books!

This winter and spring, both kids have spent a lot of time working on “projects,” playing with puzzles, and reading an insane amount of books! Our projects have included: cutting out snowflakes from paper, decorating paper gingerbread men, painting wooden peg dolls, creating puppets and stages for puppet shows, decorating eggs (real ones and those made out of paper and wood), organizing papers and projects into labeled folders (Samuel’s special project that he was very excited about!), and creating dinosaur fossils out of salt dough – just to name a few. Both kids have also completed their fair share of puzzles – especially Leah, who has gotten quite good at doing them by herself! But by far, reading books has been the activity that the kids have spent the most time doing. At one point we had 227 books checked out from the library just for the kids. A lot of them were chapter books for Samuel, who devours each book immediately upon checking it out from the library. Now that Samuel can read, bedtime and car rides have been transformed! Samuel is content to read chapter books for hours and because of his contagious love for reading, Leah also likes to spend a decent amount of time “reading” her own chapter books. It is quite entertaining to listen to Leah “read” her books. She reads all of them aloud – sometimes they are in line with the actual story and other times they are completely from her own imagination. She is quite the storyteller! 🙂

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