Happy 6th Birthday, Samuel!


August 31, 2017

Happy 6th Birthday, Samuel!!! We say it every year, but it’s always true – we love you more and more every day and every year. You continue to amaze us with the person you are already and are continuing to become. This may have been the year that you have changed the most… While certain qualities about you have remained the same, you really have grown up so much this last year. You are still our observant, curious, inquisitive, strong-willed, focused, enthusiastic, sensitive, emotional, kind, loving, cuddly, protective big boy. But we can also add some new words to that list. You are more confident, less cautious, very organized, full of humor, and imaginative. You really started to blossom in your last year of preschool last year and now you are a very confident and comfortable Kindergartener! You have only been in Kindergarten for two weeks and you have already made half a dozen friends and you are actively and eagerly participating in class every day. We are so proud of you!

Over the past year you have become totally obsessed with dinosaurs! While you still enjoy outer space/planets, you now say that you would like to be a paleontologist when you grow up, instead of an astronomer. Your favorite dinosaur is a Parasaurolophus. You have read about a million non-fiction dinosaur books over the last year and it seems as if you know the name of practically every dinosaur (including what time period they lived in and what class of dinosaurs they belong to). Your reading has just exploded this year! We have had over 200 books checked out from the library for basically the whole year, most of which have been for you. You love to read the same books over and over again – especially if it’s your favorite chapter book series: Dinosaur Cove. You are also loving some other series of chapter books: The Humphrey the Hamster series, Kingdom of Wrenly series, Boxcar Children, The Magic Treehouse series, Judy Moody and Stink series, Ivy & Bean series, Marty McGuire series, and the newest series you’ve read: Secret Agent Jack Stalwart.

You also still love sports of all kinds – as long as they involve a ball! You love to play tennis, golf, baseball, football, soccer, and basketball. You have also enjoyed tumbling/gymnastics this year, taking a class with Leah this summer. You played t-ball for the first time this summer (and loved it!) and you are playing soccer this fall. Perhaps the biggest development this year has been with your swimming skills. At the beginning of the summer you didn’t want to get any part of your face wet and you were pretty cautious in the water. By the end of the summer you were so comfortable in the water – even without floaties on! You would jump in by yourself, blow bubbles, swim with your whole face in the water, bob up and down, dive for objects in shallow water, etc. You became a little fish! We are soooo proud of the progress you made with swimming this summer!

Perhaps what has been the most wonderful thing to watch this year is your relationship with Leah. You are the best big brother – so protective and loving and loyal to Leah. You two have really become good friends this past year and love to play together. The relationship the two of you have is so special and we can’t wait to see it continue to develop!

We went to the doctor last week for your 6 year checkup. You are 47 3/4 inches tall (80-85th percentile) and you weigh 50 1/2 pounds (75th percentile). You still sleep about 10-11 hours each night – falling asleep between 8:30-9:00pm and waking up between 7:00-7:30am. Your favorite foods are pizza, pancakes, peaches, and ice cream. You are generally a good eater – fruits, veggies, and dairy are your favorite and you still generally dislike most meats, but you will eat hamburgers and pork without much complaint. Your favorite color is red. You love to do any activity involving dinosaurs, reading, or sports.

Samuel, we love you so much! You are the best son and brother our family could ever have! Thanks for being wonderful YOU! We can’t wait to see what this next year holds for you.

Love, Mommy & Daddy

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  1. Grammy says:

    Samuel, Gramps and I totally agree with this post. You are continuing to grow in our hearts everyday. It is so much fun to be with you and around you. It is exciting to see you grow. We love you totally!!!!!

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