January 3, 2018

To start off the new year, we took the kids skiing for the very first time! Samuel was super excited, Leah was a bit nervous, and Michael and I had no idea what to expect from the kids once we got them out there… On our way to the slopes we stopped at a ski store and got skis and boots for the kids. Once we got to the slopes it was still quite a process to get 4 people dressed, in boots, and outside to ski. We got the kids in their skis and made our way over to a tiny bump of snow where we taught the kids the basics of skiing. We spent about 1/2 hour on the tiny bump of snow, letting the kids “ski” down and pulling them back up to the top. It was clear that they both liked skiing, and the kept eyeing the “big hill,” so we decided to go for it and we bought lift tickets for all of us. We spent the next 2 1/2 hours riding the “magic carpet” up to the top of the bunny hill and skiing down. Both kids were super brave and adventurous! They both spent time skiing between our legs, skiing towards us as we skiied backwards down the hill, and even skiing a bit all on their own!!! Samuel skiied down the hill several times on his own (with a few falls) and Leah skiied down almost all on her own, with just a bit of light assistance. We were so proud of our two skiiers! They both loved it and are very excited to go skiing again sometime soon!

*Unfortunately, we were so busy skiing with the kids that we got zero videos of them actually skiing!!! 🙁 We’ll try again next time!

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