Happy 5th Birthday, Leah!

OCTOBER 14, 2018

Leah, we are so proud of the “big girl” that you are becoming! In many ways we cannot believe that you are already 5 years old, but in other ways you seem so grown-up to us! You are such an energetic, enthusiastic, lively, creative, sensitive, emotional, smiley, happy, empathetic, caring, kind, friendly, expressive, creative, snuggly girl. Despite being 5 years old,  you still love to snuggle and cuddle with us, which we love! 🙂 You are so outgoing and friendly that we all can’t help but want to be around you. Your smile is contagious!

What a year this has been for you! The biggest milestone/development this year is that you are now a reader! You are 100% able to read books (picture books, magazines, some simple chapter books) by yourself now and we could not be more proud! About 6 months ago we realized that you were truly reading… You would read things to us that we had never read to you before and that’s how we knew for sure that you were reading and not just memorizing books. WOW! Besides your reading skills really blooming this year, you are becoming more aware of and interested in math concepts. You have always been able to count, but now you are getting into “doing math” – which for you means simple addition problems like 1+1 and 3+2. We are excited that math is becoming an interest for you, as you have always been more interested in reading and being creative.

Some things have remained the same with you throughout this past year, or even grown deeper/stronger. For one, your love of baby dolls and pretending to be “Mommy Leah” to all of your babies is an activity that you can do for hours! You are absolutely so much fun to listen to and watch as you act out scenarios with your babies and create hilarious dialogues! You love to take the babies to “church” (where you sing “church” songs and read stories out loud). You also love to take them to “swim lessons,” put them down for naps, and bring them to “parks.” You are a great mommy to your babies – we love seeing this nurturing side of you. Another area where you have remained constant is your love of music, singing, and dancing. You love to walk around the house singing songs or sit in your room and make up songs. We could listen to you for hours! 🙂 You are also still our outdoor girl – you love to take walks and play outside (especially on the swings and slides at park playgrounds).

This year you are going to preschool four afternoons a week, as well as some Friday mornings for special science classes. You look forward to school every day – for the learning, but especially for the social aspect! 🙂 You also continue to be a good eater – being adventurous at trying new foods, as well as generally liking a lot of different foods. Your favorite ethnic food is Indian. Your favorite “fast food” is Chick-Fil-A. Your favorite foods we make seem to be soups and chilis of all kinds. And you are definitely a girl who likes her sweets and candy! 🙂

Perhaps what has warmed our hearts the most this past year is the continual growth of your relationship with Samuel. The two of you have become such wonderful playmates and friends, as well as doting/loving brother and sister. You are generally so sweet and loving with each other. Watching you two play together is one of our favorite things to do!

We love you so much, Leah! You are a light in our lives. Your smile and hugs and love make us so happy! Thanks for being wonderful YOU!

Love, Mommy & Daddy

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