Birthday Celebrations

This year Leah truly had an entire “Birthday Week” and not just a one-day birthday. The Thursday before her birthday, Leah celebrated her birthday at school. This meant that she was the “snack helper” for the day and got to pick out the snack for the whole class (chocolate pudding). She was very excited! 🙂

For Leah’s birthday weekend (October 12-15) we were in Iowa, spending the weekend with our good friends – the Lieslands. Their daughter was turning 6 the day after Leah was turning 5, so the girls were able to have a joint party/double birthday celebration in Iowa. The girls wore unicorn party hats, opened presents, and ate a delicious black cat cake. Leah absolutely loved celebrating her birthday in Iowa! 🙂

Back in Cincinnati we did our usual birthday week traditions. We decorated the house for Leah’s birthday and she was able to choose a special birthday dinner. Surprising us all, this year Leah chose Chick-Fil-A for her birthday dinner (up at the mall), which then also included a walk around the mall, stopping at all of her favorite stores (Lego, Disney, Build-A-Bear, and Bath & Body Works).

Birthday week culminated in Leah’s family birthday party back home, which was a “Fancy Nancy” birthday soiree! Leah requested that everyone dress in their most elegant ensembles to come celebrate her birthday. We made a “Fancy Nancy” inspired birthday cake, which the birthday girl thoroughly enjoyed. 🙂 We had a super fun week celebrating Leah turning 5 years old! 

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