Samuel’s Friends

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  2. Edward Sotor says:

    It’s nice to know Sam Herrel lives.

    Dear Herrel Family,

    I ran across your page while searching for an archived obituary for my recently disceased brother in law Sam Herrel. Sam died of cancer in January of 2011. He was a wonderful man, son, husband and brother. Like his father, Sam was a PGA golf pro, passionate for the game, he taught kids to play golf at the local High School. During his ordeal the entire town where he grew up (Lawrencville Illinois) supported him while he struggled through his disease, there were several benefits to raise money. In my 53 years of life I’ve never met a man more loved than him and although your son and he only shares a name (both first and last) , just the thought that a beautiful bright spirit still walks this earth named Sam Herrel makes me feel good. God bless your family and the Sam Herrel…

    Ed Sotor (Wife Holly Herrel)
    Elmhurst, Illinois

  3. Brenda Iannitti says:

    Grandma Iannitti and I really enjoy your postings!

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